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Monroe, NJ Funeral Home And CremationsHiring a qualified team of professionals to help you make plans for funeral home and cremations in Monroe, NJ, is the first step to being successful. Of course, no one is very eager to make plans for these services, but it always feels like a relief to get the plans on paper. Though there are a lot of things to think about, working through the decisions a little at a time with guidance from the experts at Simplicity Funeral and Cremation Services at Glackin Chapel, you will do great. 

Final arrangements do not need to be complex to be meaningful and touching. As we work together to design the services you require, we will ask questions and give suggestions. You can ultimately choose what you feel is best. With good support, you can face these tough decisions. Paying your respects to your departed loved one through some type of tribute service can open the path to begin healing from loss. 

Why a Funeral Service?

A funeral ceremony is a meeting between people who share a common loss of a loved one. Funerals are most often held within a few weeks after a death happens. This makes sense because funerals are marked by having the deceased present at the service. Even with refrigeration and embalming, the human remains need to be laid to rest before long. 

A full funeral service usually includes a visitation meeting with or without a viewing of the deceased. If public viewing is being held, embalming is usually a requirement. Be sure to ask about your options. The visitation gives an opportunity for those who are acquainted with the bereaved to come and offer their condolences. When a viewing is also offered, it creates a chance for all who knew the departed the opportunity to say goodbye. 

What About Cremation? 

The process of transforming the intact deceased remains to granular ashes is known as cremation. It is a permanent process that cannot be reversed. The remains are incinerated at extremely hot temperatures until only small fragments and particles are left. The final results are the cremated remains that are often contained within a funeral urn. 

Many people are drawn to cremation because it is thought to be a more ecologically conscious solution for final arrangements than a full casket burial. It also offers a cost reprieve for those who are on a tight budget. Cremation provides more flexible timeframes for services and final resting place choices as well. 

How About a Funeral Home and Cremations in Monroe, NJ? 

Probably one of the biggest myths we hear surrounding this topic is that cremation excludes the possibility of a funeral. This is not true. Funerals and cremations can be held for the same person. When this option is wanted, the funeral is held first. It can include the embalming of the body for a viewing presentation. A casket can be rented to display and house the remains through the service. After the service is over, instead of being immediately buried, the body is cremated. This offers a beautiful solution to those who would like a full-service funeral home and cremations in Monroe, NJ.

Options for Future Final Arrangement Plans

Many people experience the frustration and stress of funeral planning when they are reeling from the loss of a loved one. After going through that experience and wondering what their loved one would have wanted, they decide to get some of their own ideas in writing. Who knows you better than yourself? It is a wonderful gift to record your final wishes to relieve some of the stress your loved ones will feel when you pass. 

At Simplicity Funeral and Cremation Services at Glackin Chapel, you can make an appointment in-house to talk about pre-planning needs. This is great since your expert can teach you about the various options and explain the process. Alternatively, you can work through our easy-to-use online pre-planning tool. Many people like this option since you can take whatever time you need to think about your preferences within the privacy of your own home. 

Services can be planned for a person of any age. A terminal medical diagnosis is not a prerequisite either. Just like putting your final affairs in order for your finances, insurances, or legal wills, pre-need funeral planning can create peace of mind for both you and your loved ones. Plans can also be revised in the future if you change your mind about the arrangements that are set. 

Call for Compassionate Support Now

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Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do funeral homes prepare the body?
The funeral homes embalm the corpse. Preservation chemicals are injected into the circulatory system. The blood is extracted and replaced with embalming fluid using specific equipment. Refrigeration can also be used to preserve the corpse, although it is not always available. If unembalmed remains must be transported, they should be wrapped in ice.

What does a funeral director do at a funeral?
Funeral directors, also known as morticians and undertakers, plan the arrangements and oversee the logistics of funerals while keeping the deceased's and family members' preferences in mind. Funeral directors work with the family to determine the location, dates, and hours of wakes, memorial services, and burials.

Is there a risk to attend a funeral of someone who died from COVID-19?
There is presently no known risk connected with being in the same room as the body of someone who died with COVID-19 at a funeral or visiting ceremony. Anyone who is ill should remain at home. These steps assist to keep individuals from becoming ill and keeping the virus from spreading.