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Hightstown, NJ Funeral Home And CremationsThough you may never feel prepared to make plans for funeral home and cremations in Hightstown, NJ, working with a competent team of professionals will get you through. The expert staff at Simplicity Funeral and Cremation Services at Glackin Chapel are fully qualified and ready to help you. Did you know plans can be made far in advance? Even if a death is upcoming, the conversations can begin. At any stage of the process, you are in more than capable hands working with this team.

Simplicity means just that-- simple. To have a beautiful and meaningful goodbye, it doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Designing services to help you connect, grieve, remember, and love this individual will be wonderfully sustaining as you commence your journey through loss. Laying a loved one in their final resting place can bring closure and acceptance to the bereaved. Even though it is very hard, you will not be asked to make these plans alone.

What is a Funeral Service? 

Making plans is often easier when we know a bit more about what these services entail. A funeral service is held soon after the passing of an individual. From a practical standpoint, this works best since the body of the deceased is customarily present at the funeral service. A lot of data points to this style of service as being very supportive to the surviving loved ones. It rallies a show of support amongst those who share the loss. It offers an opportunity to pay final respects and say goodbye to the departed individual.

What are Cremation Services?

The method of changing the deceased remains from their intact form to ashen particles is called cremation. This is achieved by placing the remains in a cremation chamber or furnace that is designed for this purpose. After high heat is directed into the chamber, the contents within are reduced to fragments; usually parts of the bones. These bone fragments are carefully collected and then ground into tiny pieces that are typically referenced as “ashes.” 

There are some benefits to choosing cremation. For one thing, cremation pricing offers a cost-effective alternative to a full casket burial in a cemetery. It also makes the final disposition a bit more flexible. Ashes may be kept near grieving loved ones indefinitely in the cremated form. They could also be buried or scattered depending on the deceased's wishes and the closest living relative. For those needing more time to plan an honoring ceremony, cremation opens up the timeline by handling the immediate needs soon after death. 

Can We do Both a Funeral Home and Cremations in Hightstown, NJ?

For those who are wondering if both a funeral home and cremations in Hightstown, NJ, can be held for the same person, the answer is “yes!”. When this option is chosen which is being offered by a Hightown, NJ funeral home, the funeral services can be held as usual. A casket that is clean and sanitary may be rented for this portion of the service. After the completed funeral ceremony, instead of taking the body to the cemetery for final interment, the remains are then transferred to the crematory. Loved ones can make arrangements for final disposition after that process is complete.

Make Plans for Future Needs Right Now

Even though we may not always like to think about it, the reality is that death will come for each of us someday. Since this is an eventuality, not just a possibility, it is worth thinking about what kinds of final arrangements you might wish on your behalf. Who would know this better than you? Making a plan, even a simple program, can be a wonderful parting gift you leave your loved ones. 

Pre-arrangements can be made when a death is known to be near. This may be due to advancing age, failing health, a terminal diagnosis, etc. However, you do not need to have a known reason to make this plan. Do you need to know when you will die to secure life insurance? Of course not. We make these kinds of arrangements to have peace of mind now and security for the future. 

Pre-planned services can also typically be pre-purchased. Especially if the services are not needed for years to come, this will result in substantial savings at your death. This becomes another way to ease the stress and burden your family will face when you are gone. 

Meet Our Team of Experts

Whether you are facing a current need for services or a far distant future need, reach out to the professionals at Simplicity Funeral and Cremation Services at Glackin Chapel. Learn what you can about funeral home and cremations in Hightstown, NJ, and support yourself by working with the best team of professionals you can. Find us at 136 Morrison Ave Hightstown, NJ 08520, or give us a call at (609) 448-1801 to make an appointment.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Why are funeral homes essential?
Funeral homes, also known as mortuaries, have the people, facilities, and equipment needed to assist the family in caring for the body and commemorating the deceased's life. Funeral homes must be licensed by the state in which they operate and are typically controlled by some sort of state regulatory agency or board.

Do funeral homes take care of paper works?
The funeral home frequently handles the appropriate paperwork, permits, and other formalities, such as arranging with the cemetery and distributing obituaries to the news media.

Should I consider burial or cremation?
Direct cremations are less costly than direct burials since they do not require embalming. Furthermore, rather than a coffin, you have the option of keeping the body in another container. Cremation is a less complicated process that also helps to preserve land space, whereas burial does not.